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I think I’ll always be a little sore about missing the world cup (does one have to refer to it as the FIFA 2010 World Cup? And if you don’t, will the swiss mafia come and get you?) Anyway, you may have guessed that wasn’t a big deal over here, because in this town the ONLY thing that matters is football. More specifically Longhorn football – Longhorns being the nickname for all the University of Texas sports teams. Of the hundreds of college teams in the league, UT is considered one of the best. The coach is the highest paid civil servant in the state of Texas, the players are household names, and the income from broadcasting rights and merchandising pretty much pays for all other sport programs at the university.

Needless to say, on game day, the church of the Longhorn is packed.

It’s a spectacular display of mass confirmity. Everyone wears Longhorn colours (burnt orange and white), cheers on cue and raises their arms in the “hook ’em horns”  salute (a fist with forefinger and pinkie extended). Take a look at the pics and see if you can spot the Wyoming fans in their allotted space on the stand, they’re dressed in yellow.

Aside from the football, there is much to amuse the fans: cheerleaders, the marching band that comes on at half-time, videos on the big screen and, my favourite, Bevo the mascot – of whom I don’t have a picture because you can’t get near his little enclosure. Bevo the fourteenth, like the Bevo’s before him, is a longhorn steer specially chosen for his ‘rust-coloured’ markings. He lives in luxury out on a ranch, and gets brought into town for games by his cowboy-outfitted entourage, the Silver Spur handlers. Now don’t underestimate the esteem in which this animal is held. His arrival will stop traffic, and Bevo thirteen (who presided over the most championship wins of any Bevo) even attended the 2001 presidential inauguration. That little nugget of information probably tells you all you need to know about the presidency of a certain former UT student…

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