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Boy Games: Danger Edition No comments yet

These pics are a few months old – BUT THE SAME PRINCIPLES APPLY.

Let me just say off the bat, that in the interest of preserving lives and sanity, I have a few basic ground rules around here. No running with cutlery or scissors, no toys on the trampoline, no throwing things down the staircase – that kind of thing.

And then Werner watches the boys for the afternoon and I come home to this…



Boy Games No comments yet

I’ve long ago given up on trying to preserve most of our furniture. The couches and the couch cushions seem to provide such perfect building blocks for bridges, forts, hideouts and such – and I frankly won’t say no to a couple of minutes where the boys are having fun together and not demanding another slice of toast.

This was a variation on a game that was the go-to favorite for a few weeks, and involved dumping the contents of the toy basket onto one couch (converting it into a garbage truck) and then running bridges over the ‘mudpop swamp’.*

*The game appears to be pants-optional.


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