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Songs and Kisses – yet more brotherly love 2 comments

This video really doesn’t need commentary…

Ayúdame RV 1 comment

*sigh* more stuff about kids – always the kids! Can we not get something else to talk/write about? Aag, but they’re so cute… The eternal trap of new parents.

Adam has recently been learning some Spanish courtesy of his heroine – Dora the Explorer and her trusty simian sidekick Boots. His vocabulary now extends to ‘Ola!’ always shouted at the top of his lungs and ‘Ayúdame!’ also at top volume. Ayúdame means ‘help me’ or in Adam’s case ‘Help me!!’. On our recent trip to Big Bend and Terlingua we stopped at a roadside store to let Adam ride on one of his beloved ‘loader trucks’, an old mini-bulldozer. An RV passed and then he got his foot stuck between two of the levers. Luckily he had the vocabulary to get himself out of that situation.

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