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Semi-daily David No comments yet

Someone tends to wake up a little grumpy from afternoon nap. That’s all I’m sayin’…


Sometimes, the nap just finds you No comments yet

It was with a bit of a sagging heart that I finally accepted that Adam is now over his afternoon nap. The downside of this, aside from the loss of an hour or two of peace and quiet for ME, is that dinner-bath-bed routine is now usually peppered with tantrums, melt-downs and other natural by-products of a tired and cranky brain. The upside is that he hits that bed like a ton of bricks (as opposed to nap days, when he can easily stay up hours past bed time).

So we’re mostly afternoon-nap-free, and Adam spends the quiet time kinda rattling around, playing with toys and reading some books. But not today.

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