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Cold and windy Easter weekend No comments yet

So before ANOTHER week goes by, here are some pics from out rather cold and windy (and wet)  long weekend in Plett over Easter.

We were down on the beach during breaks in the rain, and it’s perhaps no surprise that imperfect weather can never detract from the delight of all. that. sand.

Our easter-egg hunt was done on the on the beach, and once everyone was all sugared up we headed over to Storms River mouth for  drizzly hike to the suspension bridge. The boys were troopers on the hike, and we made it back to the parking lot just as the proper rain hit. So the milkshakes and french fries were well earned.

Next time, let’s do more swimming.





December hols – suntan lotion and sand No comments yet

Adam has a strong track record of taking to things with gusto (eating, pooping, causing chaos with everything that opens and shuts), so we should have known that the beach would be no different. What we now have on our hand is a real little sand flea. I’m sure we’re going to be wiping sand from his fleshy folds for many months to come.

Yesterday we went down to the beach for a late afternoon swim, and as soon as I stepped on to the sand, Adam dived down with his arms outstretched, in the reverse universal pick-me-up pose, his whole body saying ‘gimme sand, gimme SAND!!!!’

As if the sea and awesome views were not perfect enough, now we also have to deal with the cuteness.

Click below for a few photos.

PS You’ll notice that the rest of us don’t feature anymore. The baby rules the world!

More hat than most

More hat than most

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