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Cold and windy Easter weekend No comments yet

So before ANOTHER week goes by, here are some pics from out rather cold and windy (and wet)  long weekend in Plett over Easter.

We were down on the beach during breaks in the rain, and it’s perhaps no surprise that imperfect weather can never detract from the delight of all. that. sand.

Our easter-egg hunt was done on the on the beach, and once everyone was all sugared up we headed over to Storms River mouth for  drizzly hike to the suspension bridge. The boys were troopers on the hike, and we made it back to the parking lot just as the proper rain hit. So the milkshakes and french fries were well earned.

Next time, let’s do more swimming.





Hill Country Camping No comments yet

We don’t get any public holiday’s around Easter, but we did head out to the Texas hill country for our first family camping trip.

Here is what I learned:

  • The town Leakey is pronounced LAKE-EE. If you say LEAK-EE people won’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
  • If you find yourself looking for braai grill at 6:15 on a Friday evening and the little grocery store near the campground doesn’t have one, the owner will call all the other shop owners along the Frio river to find out who has one. They had some in Leakey.
  • Our tent is waterproof!
  • You can keep boys occupied for a whole weekend with dirt and water – and if you give them water cannons they won’t want to come out of the river.
  • Adam is not afraid of hairy caterpillars.
  • The Lost Maples Cafe in Uptopia has a great old-timey vibe – but the coffee is reliably awful.
  • Werner can produce great campfire ghosts stories on demand, and will include knights and cowboys if asked nicely.


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