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Party time! No comments yet

Listen y’all – I know I’m overdue on the updating, but right now we are all wiped out from a morning of crazy birthday festivities and a few pics is about all I can manage.

In short:

This jumping castle was bounced on,



this marching band came parading past (I’m pretending I TOTALLY planned it),


this pinata was thoroughly beaten,


and this cake was enthusiastically eaten.


And THIS 4-year-old is so happy and exhausted he’s just about passed out on the couch.


The Sentinel No comments yet

I think all the neighbours would agree – around here, nobody spends as much time on the front porch as what we do. That’s largely due to the fact that unlike most of the other houses around here, ours does not have a back yard, so if we want to be outside, the porch and little front garden will have to do. Of course, with the park right across the road our domain seems much larger, and Adam is one for keeping tabs on his kingdom.*

He greets all passers-by and enquires how their day is going… checks that everyone stays in line.

You know, general King-of-all-he-surveys stuff.

*Keeping tabs on your kingdom does not necessarily require pants.


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