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Party party, part-2 No comments yet

Here is the complete evidence of the fun and chaos of Adam’s birthday party. The marching band that came past was taking part in a marching band festival being held further down the in the park – and I only heard a few days before Adam’s party that the two were scheduled for the same day. But I will tell everyone that I totally planned it.

Feeling Festive No comments yet

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us so the little Pykes have been busy decorating. We couldn’t resist getting another live tree this year, even though we plan to be in Santa Fe for actual Christmas, it just cheers up the place with the lights and lovely piney smell. December here can get pretty dark and cold.

I’ve learned my lesson and decided to stay clear of any globe-like decorations this year. Shiny, ball-like objects hanging at eye-level are just too tempting for little boys to resist and inevitably lead to fights and near-misses with the tree nearly being pulled over.

Instead, we took the balls to the park across the road to decorate the cactus and spread a little christmas spirit. Adam pretty much did the decorating all by himself and was mighty proud of it.

We will see y’all in the New Year. Merry Christmas!

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