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Headed for Hill Country 1 comment

Monday was a public holiday (Martin Luther King Day) so we headed out of town to get the lay of the land. We headed for Fredericksburg, a well-preserved frontier town (and hence, the big local attraction) about an hour’s drive from Austin.

We really enjoyed the drive. Now and then you’d get a glimpse of an old cattle ranch, homestead or barn, seems like cowboy country. I need to get a horse and a hat.

The landscape is slightly hilly and alot more tree’d than I had expected. Everything is crispy dry and brown though.

Fredericksburg is a cute town, but inevitably the main street has become ye olde antiques and texan curiosities mall, all the better to amuse the day-tripping tourists. We walked around, played with Adam in the park (highlight of his day) and ate a good burger (me) and chilli and cornbread (Werner).

Much more interesting was Johnson City (pop. 1191). A one-robot town you shoot through on the way to Fredericksburg. While it too has the prerequisite gallery or two, it has more of a deserted and forlorn feeling to it. Much more wild west-y.

If you were wondering about the name: it’s the hometown of ex-pres Lyndon B Johnson. Not sure if they renamed it after him (his family pretty much started the town), but I can just see them going through the possibilities…

Johnsontown? Johnsonburg? Johnsonville? Johnsonfontein? Hmm… what about Johnson City? Yea, now that sounds grand…

Click on the pic below for more visuals from our outing. By the way, if you have trouble navigating the gallery: move your mouse over the top of the pic once the gallery has opened in Zenphoto, then the option for next foto, previous photo etc, will appear.

Fredericksburg Main Street

Fredericksburg Main Street

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