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Mother’s Day No comments yet

When Werner asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I said I wanted to go somewhere nice and do something fun – and I didn’t want to have to plan it or think about where to go or be in charge of it.

So Werner made us sandwiches, packed beer and juice and took us all down to Emma Long park, a municipal park on the Colorado River just outside Austin that we only discovered last year. You can sit under the trees, swim in the cool, clear water, play on the beach (the beach is not natural, but Texans don’t fool around when it comes to recreation), exhaust the kids, pack them up again and put them straight down for a nap as soon as you get home.

Pretty much a perfect outing.

The Pykes take Texas No comments yet

I know it’s been a while since the last post, and I have a list of good excuses:

  1. the family was here, so all fun and no time to write
  2. it’s been really hot, too hot to sit in front of the computer
  3. it’s been REALLY HOT….

We’ve now just about recovered from the hectic week of kuiering, eating, kuiering, sightseeing and kuiering with Mom, Dad, Linda and Sean (really missed Chris…) Adam loved all the attention and exhausted himself trying to keep us all amused.

Gramps' little pickpocket

Gramps' little pickpocket

The week went passed way to quickly, and now I need to find something else to look forward to. Trip to Austin, anyone?

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