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Baking No comments yet

I do love baking with the boys, and I always assumed that it would get easier as they get older and learn to control the impulse to just throw another egg, or cup of flour, into the mixing bowl. (That happens).

But it feels like they just get MORE wild, and more dirty. So my concern is that we’re going to have to stop in a year or so.

Halloween! No comments yet

Monday night was halloween and I think we are only now emerging from the candy-induced halloween hangover. (I can now confirm as fact, that EVERY piece of candy eaten will result in tears – usually within 15 minutes – and that the number of tears produced are directly proportional to the amount of sugar consumed).

Our house decorations have been getting better every year, and this year Werner did a particularly great job. The spiderwebs are some kind of synthetic fiber that you buy for a few dollars and then pull and stretch to get this effect. I did the pumpkins, which lasted about 24 hours before the faces were eaten off by squirrels.

There was the usual neighbourhood halloween party across the park to give everyone a chance to look at the costumes and try (in vain) to line the kids’ stomachs before they set out trick or treating. As you can see in the pictures, Adam decided to be a police officer this year – mainly because the hand-me-down costume we scored from a neighbour came with a whistle and a plastic walky-talky. David was a firefighter and absolutely refused to wear jacket I had put together for him.

As usual, the trick or treating was a whirl. Adam set about the whole endeavour with laser focus, insisting on knocking on every door and even opening the door himself to check whether someone was coming with a bowl of treats. He also realised pretty early on that he could move more efficiently if he skipped running back down the garden path to the sidewalk to reach the next house, and just started cutting skeef through the gardens.

Once we were home those orange bags were kept close, and I had to pry them out of sleeping fingers in order to reduce the stash before morning. (Sorry kids, but it’s not in ANYONE’S interest for a child to be in possession of a kilogram of sweets.)

And here’s a little video. You can see how long Adam lingered over his choice (he’s at the bowl at the start, and the last of his group to leave) and the hosts didn’t make it easier by encouraging him to choose another.

Thank goodness it only comes once a year.

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