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Here are the pics from last month’s trip down to Big Bend, down on the border with Mexico.

We drove down in three days, sleeping over first in Ozona, and then in the arty, scenic west Texas town of Marfa. We had booked to stay in the Paisano hotel in Marfa, famous forlong being the best hotel between El Paso and San Antonio (it was built in the early 1900’s in anticipation of an oil boom that never came) and also for housing James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson during the filming of ‘Giant’. A stroke of luck combined with a winning smile (mine) got us an upgrade to the Rock Hudson suite – the best room in the house, with an enormous rooftop terrace so Adam could run around and make as much noise as he wanted while Werner and I lazed around an speculated about whether we would ever again stay in a place where we had the best room in town. (I hope yes, and I hope that town is New York…)

Then we spent five days alternately driving around exploring the different parts of the desert, throwing sticks, or just hanging out on the stoep of our house. The landscape varied widely from Karoo-looking to lunar to Cederberg etc etc. Very weird and strange and beautiful.

We also saw a little bit of wildlife: deers, eagles, desert rabbits and a coyote – and I did appreciate the park’s advice for what to do when confronted with wildlife of a more dangerous variety. For mountain lions and bears: pick up small children, make a lot of noise, try to make yourself look as large as possible and whatever you do DON”T RUN. (How do you make yourself look larger? Open the flaps of your jacket, like batman? Puff your cheeks? Tease your hair?) And if you encounter groups of people illegally crossing the border into the USA: call the cops. They don’t say how to distinguish illegal immigrants from tourists, but I guess it would be the lack of North Face hiking gear and a packed lunch of tortillas.

Both Adam and David have proven to be intrepid travellers, and we even managed to do the 9-hour trip back in one day. So now we’re looking around to see where else we can go within a 10-hour driving distance. Wohooo, road trip!

Ayúdame RV 1 comment

*sigh* more stuff about kids – always the kids! Can we not get something else to talk/write about? Aag, but they’re so cute… The eternal trap of new parents.

Adam has recently been learning some Spanish courtesy of his heroine – Dora the Explorer and her trusty simian sidekick Boots. His vocabulary now extends to ‘Ola!’ always shouted at the top of his lungs and ‘Ayúdame!’ also at top volume. Ayúdame means ‘help me’ or in Adam’s case ‘Help me!!’. On our recent trip to Big Bend and Terlingua we stopped at a roadside store to let Adam ride on one of his beloved ‘loader trucks’, an old mini-bulldozer. An RV passed and then he got his foot stuck between two of the levers. Luckily he had the vocabulary to get himself out of that situation.

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