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Adam’s first painting that I stuck up in my cube was from the first 4th of July parade that we had in the park across the road from our house. Since then he has acquired a sibling and innumerable other skills which Anita has documented in great detail on this site. And now it’s time for David to join the painters brigade.

So beautiful

So beautiful

For fridge-scale printing, click here.

More art by Adam 2 comments

Last year I posted a picture that Adam painted at the neighbourhood 4th of July kids’ carnival. That picture is now stuck up in my cube at work. He has now, at least as far as his art pursuits are concerned, shifted his attention to pens which he gleefully poaches from Anita’s stationary holder and uses to scratch on every non-paper surface possible; including the cement floor of the porch. We’re going to have to get some industrial strength solvent before we return the house to its owner…

In an effort to get him to stick to suitable canvases I always try to push a piece of paper in under his pen(s) and recently captured quite a cool scribble. It too now adorns my cube. And here it is with a high res version for fridge door printability.

Adam Draws

Tri-color Untitled

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