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Boy Games: Danger Edition No comments yet

These pics are a few months old – BUT THE SAME PRINCIPLES APPLY.

Let me just say off the bat, that in the interest of preserving lives and sanity, I have a few basic ground rules around here. No running with cutlery or scissors, no toys on the trampoline, no throwing things down the staircase – that kind of thing.

And then Werner watches the boys for the afternoon and I come home to this…



Lots of Boxes No comments yet

Everyone knows that a box is a kid’s best plaything, and the bigger it is, the better. We’ve gotten so much use from our old moving boxes. One of them is splashed with paint and has a window cut in it and is permanently installed upstairs as a puppet theatre and after-bath surprise box (every night after the bath, Adam hides in the box and then leaps out, yelling ‘SURPRISE!!!!’)

And when the kids get bored of painting paper we give them cereal boxes from the recycling pile to paint, and now and again, as a treat, one of the big boxes. And once they have the box, they just drag it around the house and hang out in it.

Which means I finally get some space to stretch out on the couch. Win for everybody.

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