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Swaai-swaai No comments yet

We have two swings in the garden: a kid-size one for the boys, and a grown-up one for me. We bought it when we were still in the Mowbray house and I have spent many moments of quiet contemplation, gently swinging in the shade.

So I was delighted when we unpacked it and hung it back up.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the kids got the contemplation memo.

Semi-daily David No comments yet

I think this is going to be my last semi-daily David post. This child is now too stubborn, too fighty, too argumentative – too much of a two-year-old boy – to warrant his own baby category. Besides, he is perfectly capable of muscling his way into the general day-to-day action.

He is, however, still adorable when he sleeps.

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