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Unpackin No comments yet

Our sea freight container arrived last week which means that the house looked a lot like this.

And while Anita and I spent the week unpacking room by room and also using the opportunity to organize the house, what goes where etc, the boys really only took an active interest when we finally unpacking the big box full of outdoor toys. And then also went about unpacking them according to their concept of organisation – meaning, throw stuff all over the garden.


Road trip: New York, New York No comments yet

We arrived at the last leg of our big trip by red-eye from San Francisco. The overnight flight had seemed like a sensible idea when I was planning the trip – but when we arrived in New York at the crack of dawn with kids who barely slept 2 hours on the plane, I began to regret the decision.

Luckily my dear friend Nelleke was, with impeccable timing, on sabbatical in New York, and she and another friend, Roelf, kindly took us in, fed us bagels, coffee and cereal, and let us dump our bags in the the apartment until the hotel could take us in.

Unlike our previous trip to the Big Apple (which happened in a previous life, before offspring), which was heavy on museums and restaurants, this trip was heavy on parks and playgrounds and meals eaten on park benches. We hung out in the various parts of Central Park and at the newly built High Line – and even managed to squeeze in some time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the boys were mightily impressed by the Arms and Armory exhibition.

Before we left Austin I had used the old mom’s telegraph to find a babysitter in New York, so Werner and I even got to have two nights out with Nelleke and Roelf, exploring the eateries of Brooklyn.

And then it was time to say farewell NYC, farewell USA – it was a blast. See you again sometime.


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