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Goodbye Texas No comments yet

We have one week left in Austin and the house is in full-on crazy mode. The movers come the day after tomorrow and I’m busy trying to get stuff organised while the boys are busy figuring out how much of my work they can undo while I’m in the shower (alot).

I did want to share some pics though. I few weeks ago a friend of mine took some family pics and for formal family photos they pretty much sum up a typical outing for us – start out with some coffee and smiles and end up in a fountain without pants on.

Click here to see! (I think the link is only going to be live for about 30 days)


School days No comments yet

We only have two weeks of school left, and like many things and places in Austin, it’ll be a sad farewell to the friends and teachers and fellow parents.

My favourite thing about the school (aside from the fact that it affords me some peace and quiet a few times a week) is that it is a co-op – meaning that parents work at the school as teacher assistants and also take turns bringing the morning snack. This means that I spend a few mornings a month working in either Adam or David’s class, washing out water bottles, cleaning tables, helping with activities and doing whatever else needs to be done to keep the morning going. You get to know all the kids in the class, and their parents, and it’s a nice way to feel involved in the life of the school.

And if you didn’t have it before, it instills major respect for the teachers who manage to keep a class of 12 3-year-olds happy and under control. Plus, I pick up really useful tips – like how to get kids into the habit of picking up their toys.

So here are some pictures that I took on different days working in Adam and David’s classes. I tend to only take pics during free-play time, because that’s the only time I have my hands free.

The one day David’s class joined another class for an outing to Littlefield House, a historic house now part of the university, that is just next door to the school. Apparently the point of the Littlefield outings is to let the kids blow off some steam. They climb up the stairs and then run down the wheelchair access ramp. And do this over and over and over for about 15 minutes, and then we go back to school. Age-appropriate outing for 2-year-olds!

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