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Flowers No comments yet

Weeds from the garden? Flowers for mom!
Enough to make me forgive the fact that half my kitchen implements are buried in the garden.

Valentines Day No comments yet

Werner and I have never been big observers of Valentines day. Flowers are expensive, restaurants are crowded and much like New Year’s eve, the expectation/ satisfaction quotient skews slightly negative.

But this year, for the children’s sake, I had to buckle a little under the full-blown assault that is Valentines Day in the USA. You see, here, some marketing genius figured out that by limited Valentines day to the sucker and his sweetheart, they were really missing out making this a really mass-market occasion – so they’ve managed to expand the understanding of ‘Valentine’ to include pretty much everyone you know. You get Valentines for your teachers, your co-workers, your children, your parents and your friends. You buy them flower and sweets and chocolates and decorate your house with cheap plastic hearts.

This time of year (pretty much from new year to 14 Feb) you can get anything in a heart shape. Lollipops, bread, pizza, post-it notes.

So here are some pics of Adam dutifully making valentines for everyone in his class, the pizzas that they made for the class valentine’s party and a pic of all the classmates dutifully chewing through the pizza’s so that they could get to the pink cupcakes.

(Repeated for David, who napped through the making of the valentines.) I’m all loved out.


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