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Thanksgiving in Galveston No comments yet

Here is the US, Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. We have been lucky enough to get invited to the annual Thanksgiving dinner hosted by friends (which involves talking to many interesting people, eating ALL of those traditional Thanksgiving dishes and usually ends up around the fireplace outside listening to Kurt the cowboy singing and playing the guitar.) This is on the Thursday. Then, since Friday is also a public holiday, we usually head off somewhere for a long weekend. This year we went down to Galveston island, just a little south of Houston on the Gulf Coast.

Galveston was one of the country’s major ports during the late 19th century, but never really recovered from a devestating hurricane in 1900 (still the deadliest natural disaster in US history). It reminds me a little of New Orleans (on a much smaller scale) with its gulf-coast tropical Victorian architecture and and slightly forlorn sense that the boom-town days are long past.

The beaches are wind-swept, sea swept and market by the proximity to a major port and oil refineries on the mainland. We had expected it to be pretty cold, so I didn’t pack any swim clothes or towels.

Of course I COMPLETELY underestimated the boys’ appetite for the beach. The minute we got down to the beach for a look-around Adam ran for the water, shrieking like a baboon. There was much digging, splashing in the water and rolling in the sand. Even the cold front and frigid weather rolling in did not dampen their enthusiasm.

On the way back to Austin we stopped in Houston to see the Mark Rothko Chapel, a space that was designed and build for the contemplation of a commissioned set of his paintings. Since the emphasis is on quiet contemplation, we took turns going in while the boys ran around outside.



Arms full No comments yet

Bedtime has become a less drawn-out (but unfortunately not drama-free) enterprise ever since we streamlined the boys into the same routine earlier this year. Dinner time, cartoons (if they’ve eaten their vegetables, no matter how long that takes), bathtime, running around the house half-wet and unclothed – a routine David likes to refer to as ‘boudjies’ – pajamas, story time and then bed.

If I’m doing the stories, everyone gets to pick out ONE book to read – although Adam has been known to convince the babysitter that he can’t go to bed until every book in the room has been read.

Luckily I can still fit everyone on my lap.

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