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Wrestlemania! No comments yet

David has figured out that his best weapon is the ‘Dead Weight’ move.


Semi Daily David No comments yet

I was looking over the blog posts recently and realised that I haven’t mentioned anything about David and his Dog. Adam was never really one for bedtime cuddly toys, but David has always had a soft spot for animals and had acquired the dog on a trip to Ikea when we were looking for something else entirely (he grabbed the dog from a display and within minutes had kissed it so thoroughly that we couldn’t replace the spit-soaked toy and move on while he was distracted by something else, as per our normal procedure).

David loves this dog (named Dog) and prefers to fall asleep lying on top of it – using Dog as a pillow. (He got off easy in this pic)

Dog gets carried around the house when bedtime looms,

or when he needs a playmate for storytime.

Dog also does road trips.

To tell the truth, we now have two Dogs. We had to get a backup when Dog no. 1 got left behind in Bastrop when we fled the fire. That Dog gets around…



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