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Inks Lake No comments yet

This year I decided to get my act together early in the year and try to get us some weekend bookings at State Parks (usually, by the time we really get to feeling like we need to get away, there is not a cabin to be had). So at the end of a long, hot week where the kids had no school to distract them, we headed out to Inks Lake (which is really more of a small dam) for a one night stay in one of their little cabins. It was just as hot out there as what it is in town, but we found ourselves a nice little spot under a tree at the water and spend the afternoon just swimming and digging – or in my case, swimming and sitting. Luckily the water was pretty shallow so it was easy for the kids to wade around.

Luckily Americans don’t take issues of comfort lightly, so while the cabin was outfitted with nothing more than 2 sets of bunk beds and a table, it was air-conditioned. And after all that water play we slept pretty well.

Marshmallow test No comments yet

Look people, there’s no school this week so it’s just me and the boys against this insane heat. I don’t have a lot of time to post the pictures I’ve been meaning to put up for ages- but I will, I promise.

So for now, here is a video of some other people’s kids, as recommended by my book club. It’s a video clip from the apparently famous marshmallow experiment, where a bunch of 4-year-olds were given a marshmallow and told that they could eat it OR wait for 20 minutes and then get another one for waiting (this was first done in the 60’s). When they followed up years later, they found the kids that could wait were generally more well adjusted, dependable and scored better on the SAT’s. Some of the people in the club said they had, or knew people who had actually done this test with their own kids – which as far as I’m concerned is just nuts. I can guess how long Adam would last with a marshmallow (um, not long), but it’s better not knowing. Right?

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