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Adam has been obsessed with our camera pretty much from the time he could reach out his hands and take it. And I’m not surprised, seeing how often he finds himself on the business end of it.

So if you give him half a chance (and by half a chance I mean: leave him alone for a minute) he’ll find a way to get up to the shelf where we keep the camera and will be happily snapping away before you’ve even realised he’s not taking a nap. In an attempt to save the camera from his enthusiastic button-pressing, we even got him a shock-proof kid’s camera for his birthday. But it was just not the same.

So when I download pics from the camera, I still often get about 25 pics in a row that look like this.

And sometimes we get lucky and get a hint of an actual picture.

So imagine my delight when I was trawling through his latest set of semi-snaps of the tv/ bed/ floor and found these… (that’s me and Werner in the kitchen in the background).

I’m not sure what was going on between the two of them – but I think Adam is almost ready to take over the Semi-daily David posts.

Semi-daily David No comments yet

This is so y’all can get up to speed with where the teeth are, and where they ain’t.

You’re welcome.

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