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Yes we can canoe No comments yet

If been trying for a while to convince Werner that we should try to take the boys out on Town Lake in a canoe. It always looks so fun and lovely to be out on the clear water, and I was pretty sure that we could handle the boys and the paddling between the two of us. Besides, I argued, if it ends up being really terrible, we just won’t do it again.

So weekend before last we finally decided to give it a try, and I’d say it was mostly successful. We paddled across the lake and up Barton Creek, where the water is crystal clear and you can see turtles and fish swimming beneath the boat through the water weeds. We floated around in the shady shallows and let the boys take turns trying out the paddles.

It was when we were heading back that things got a little harder. After the initial excitement, David was now tired and cranky, would not give up the paddle, would not sit down and would not be reasoned with. Adam was content to sit in the bottom of the boat and trail his hand in the water (which was not great for steering), but David was ready to put up a fight. So Werner had to do all the paddling while David threw his dummy out the canoe in frustration (this time, irretrievable), and I tried to calm the wailing children down with a rendition of ‘Old MacDonald’ as we made our way back to the dock.

I’m sure there were plenty of smirks from the people on the bike and hike as we came past.

Being an optimist, I’m ready to call the morning a success. Not sure if Werner agrees…

Father’s Day No comments yet

Happy Father’s day to the Dads.

And the Oupas

And the Grampses

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