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Everyone screams for ice cream 1 comment

In this house, when it comes to ice-cream, as with most things, there are some ground rules.

  • You have to eat your vegetables (or as much as what mom deems acceptable)
  • You have to wait until we’re finished eating
  • You have to eat it outside. Preferably without any clothes on.

I’m sure you can understand why…

Semi-daily David No comments yet

It appears that we have a bit of a daredevil on our hands (another one!) David LOVES a slide – and he particularly loves diving down face first. So far we haven’t had any major faceplants, but every now and again he tries this on a new playground with a really fast slide and then we have to be on our toes to catch him before he shoots off the bottom of the slide.

On the fast slides, it’s a little bit like catching a little human canonball. All in a day’s work, I guess.

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