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Say Cheese! No comments yet

Being such a fan of anything that blinks or beeps or turns on and off, it’s no surprise that Adam adores the camera. I try to keep it out of sight and out of reach but every now and again he gets hold of it and walks around the house taking pictures*.

This is what he has produced recently…


*taking pictures = pressing all the buttons on the camera in random order, as hard as possible, until something flashes, zooms or makes a noise.

All about the bike No comments yet

It’s been less than a month, but already Adam’s red trike is very familiar, and crucial, part of our daily life. Aside from serving as general transportation around the house, racing vehicle out on the street and bringer of sweet dreams (I haven’t managed to get a picture of Adam asleep and still holding onto the tassels  – but you can imagine), the bike is also a useful carrier of Adam’s current favourite things.

Werner is working on attaching some kind of box to the back, because there is much frustration when Adam picks up speed and all his carefully-stacked toys go flying off the back of the bike.

David has also found a use for it.

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