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Ah yes, so very adept at extracting exactly what he wants from me…

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Yes, I KNOW. Long time, no baby pics. They could be driving by now for all you know ( I’m happy to report, they are not – although Adam’s fooling around in the car has resulted in him locking himself, David, my bag, phone and keys in the car. Twice. The last time requiring me to get a guy from the Parks and Recreation department to bust open the car to get them out. But that’s another story…)

Today, a little slice of American life…

One of the things I appreciate about living here, is being valued as a customer by all the stores vying for some of Werner’s hard-earned cash. And by valued I mean: put a little thought into who is shopping there (moms, probably with kids) and then make some kind of effort to make the experience less awful than what grocery shopping with little kids can so easily be.

Take Whole Foods for example, with their snack bar at the entrance to the store. Those fruit may as well be made of plastic – because no kid, when given the option of snack in a packet, will pick an apple. Adam always considers the offering carefully, and then picks out the one bar that has a hint of chocolate to it. How he does it, I don’t know. Perhaps he can read and has just been hiding it from me. All I know is he can pick out a hint of chocolate with a blindfold on.

Needless to say, a trip to Whole Foods is always a hit (they also have a little playground on the roof, and getting from the parking garage to the roof involves riding an escalator AND a lift – we can almost make a morning of it…)

Then there’s Central Market. No free snacks, but they do have free balloons – which is why, on any given day, we have a half-deflated helium balloon or two floating around the house, sneaking up on you.

They also have multi-kid trolleys. Steering the thing is like steering a large ship, but at least everyone is tied down and out of trouble, as long as you don’t park it within reaching distance of anything. Boy is THAT a lesson I had to learn quickly. I would find myself at the checkout with 5 jars of blueberry jam that I didn’t put in there…

And then there’s Costco – land of the bulk shop. They have these really large trolley’s to accommodate all the giant boxes of cereal and toilet paper, and I guess they figured that if you’re buying all this stuff, you probably have some progeny you need to cart around too.

Of course the downside is that the Adam and David are within close striking distance of each other. I’m holding out for the store that offers in-flight cartoons on a pop-up screen on the trolley PLUS a free snack. Then you would see me spending some money…

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