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I have many ways of tempting Adam awake and out of bed and, crucially, into a good mood, after his afternoon nap – some cold juice, popcorn, the arrival of the mail truck, a walk to the fire station or even the promise of a walk to the grocer and a lollipop. But my undoubtable trump card is the mixing up of a batch of chocolate brownies.

What’s not to love? Adam loves to break the eggs, loves to mix and of course, there’s the bowl to lick out. These pics were taken a few weeks ago – and also happened to be David’s first taste of chocolate (I think). All this fun and then there are brownies for mom and dad after the boys are in bed – it’s win-win for everyone.


The problem came yesterday. Adam was having a difficult day and I thought I better salvage what was left of it by whipping up some brownies. Things started out a little shaky (Adam dropped the whole egg, with shell, into the batter) and then got steadily worse as Adam wanted a chance to mix and then refused to give up the bowl.

I could see exactly what he was thinking: why settle for a scraped-out bowl when you can have ALL of the batter? My suspicions were confirmed by his increasingly loud and insistent suggestions that I ‘go in (my) room’ – a sure sign of impending mischief. Did he think I would forget about the bowl of batter as soon as it was out of sight? Give him enough time to quickly eat all of it, or stash it somewhere safe, like his firetruck?

Unfortunately for Adam, the situation did not unfold as he had hoped, and so there was a tantrum as the batter got poured into the cake tin, tantrum when it went into the oven and non-stop fighting with David about who got to lick what. And then he broke the mixing bowl (while climbing up on a chair to keep it away from David).

Sigh. At least I can console myself with some brownies…

Semi-daily David 1 comment

Hey, no pictures!

Ok, maybe one.

…and from the side…

Happy now?

OK enough. Don’t make me come over there and take that camera!

Oh, you think I can’t do it….

Wait till I grow some more teeth, you guys are TOAST!

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