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Next week David will be exactly the same age that Adam was when we first arrived in Austin, so I’ve been spending time thinking about what Adam was doing then. I remember getting off the long flight from SA in Atlanta. Adam, who had really been good during the flight, was so ready to expend some energy, and so we waited for everyone from our flight to speed off to baggage claim and then let Adam crawl along the endless carpeted corridor that led from our arrival gate to the terminal (it was early in the morning, and this corridor was deserted). It felt like he crawled along for at least a hundred meters or more – and would have kept going if we left him.

And then there was the day that Adam and I took the bus uptown from our rented flat to look at the house that we currently live in. A colleague of Werner’s at work had warned him that private homeowners are loath to rent out to foreigners with no credit record, and that we shouldn’t get our hopes up. But we really wanted this house. It is in a great area, close to everything, and seemed huge and cheap by comparison to other places – that’s because by American standards the place is falling apart, and barely liveable (no dishwasher connection! no central heating/ aircon! mould!) but of course pretty good for people who once lived in Mowbray (where the kitchen had no connection for a fridge…)

Anyway, the agent was a lovely lady with a broad Texas drawl and delightful name (Harriet Houston). I put Adam down on the floor while she showed me around and he inspected the empty house on his own, crawling from room to room. ‘Well,’ she remarked ‘it sure has been a long time since we’ve had a baby in this house.’

That’s when I knew we had it.

Which brings me to David and his crawling. It’s very cute and he’s constantly pleased with his ability to get somewhere – but the now the child is NEVER where I left him. He crawls around looking for me while I go from room to room looking for him. It’s a fun game.

Save the dates y’all! 1 comment

After much bargain hunting on the internet and money hunting in the bank accounts, I’m pleased to announce that we have finally procured us some tickets to come over and visit early next year.

Werner can come for three weeks (of which one will be a work week in the Cape Town office) and I decided to bite the bullet and fly out solo with the boys in order to score an extra week of sunshine and family happiness. Of course, once that line of reasoning had been opened, one extra week quickly became two and then three.

For the record, Adam, David and I arrive on 24 Jan, Werner arrives on 12 February and then we all fly back together on 4 March. We fly into JHB and will spend a little time in Pta and Plett and then of course Cape Town. (Haven’t sorted out the dates for internal travel yet)

I contacted the SA consulate in Washington to check visa requirement for David (who has a US passport) and was both pleased and slightly concerned to receive this speedy reply:

A USA passport holder does not require a visa for a period of 90 days stay in RSA. However, your child will be tread as a foreigner during his stay in RSA.

So y’all are standing on foreigners now? I thought you just overcharge them for steaks at the Waterfront.

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