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Happy birthday you you! 1 comment

It’s a little late, but here are some pics from Adam’s week-long birthday celebrations.

We started a week early with taking cupcakes to school so that he could celebrate with his classmates (his b-day fell in Spring Break this year, and the school was closed for the week of his birthday). That’s Miss Meagan in the picture – not hard to see why Adam loves her.

Then. the next week, we had a picnic down in Zilker Park with Adam’s russian friend, Sam and his mom Lena. This was two days before the actual birthday because Sam and his parents were on their way to Aruba for the long weekend. There was riding of the train, swinging of the swings, eating of the hotdogs – and of course, cupcakes.

And just to round off festivities, on the actual birthday we had cupcakes in the park with the neighbours for whom Adam has become a fixture – shouting greetings at them from his look-out on the porch, throwing the ball for their dogs, planting stones in their gutters and so on.

By this time, Adam had only to see something shaped vaguely like a cupcake and would immediately yell: ‘Pancake!!!’and start singing ‘Happy birthday you yooooooo…’

Oh, and in between his own parties, Adam went to his friend Hazel’s party at a fire station, where there was lots of running around and screaming, holding of the firehose and beating of the pinata – at which Adam excelled. And there were cupcakes…

Viva Terlingua! No comments yet

We’re on our Big Bend va-ca and today drove out to Terlingua, a semi-ghost town where you’ll find partly derelict adobe houses in which the bottom floor is occupied while the top floor remains roofless and in ruins.

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