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Pumpkins, meurtos and other scary things… No comments yet

We had a lovely weekend this weekend. No major work or errands, beautiful weather and plenty of excuses to sit outside and drink tea with cookies. We started decorating the house for halloween – just some lights and spiderwebs and pumpkins, nothing like some of the other houses around here – and Werner might have still have a few tricks up his sleeve (I think it involves rope and Adam’s soft toys).

I carved my first pumpkin, and am still very pleased with it. I’m currently hiding it in the pantry trying to stop it from moulding before halloween this Saturday (have you ever left a piece of cut vegetable on the kitchen counter for a week? Exactly.)


not so sure mom


The pumpkins are bred for decoration so they are mainly hollow with just a 2-3 cm of flesh on the inside. They do make fantastic lanterns when put a candle on the inside though, and cast a really lovely, menacing orange glow.


Then on Saturday afternoon we headed downtown to where the Mexican art museum was having its annual Dia de los Meurtos (day of the dead) celebrations. There was Mexican food and music and traditional marigolds and skeletons and sugar skulls. It is supposed to be a celebration of the dead and is (funnily enough, when you look at the imagery) not macabre or grim at all.





The highlight of the afternoon though, was this guy.

His t-shirt says: Everything is bigger in Texas….   Indeed

bigger in texas

Splish Splash No comments yet

It occurred to me that we have left a serious gap in our dedicated documentation of Adam’s cutey babyhood – and that would be the obligatory bathtime snaps.
So without further ado…

You’re welcome.

Now if we could just get some kind of bubble bath that makes tooth-brushing fun…

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