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Did somebody say pumpkin’? No comments yet

The seasons have changed quite suddenly here in Austin, going from earth-bakingly hot to mild to cool and rainy within a week or so. And I’m ready for a change and all the treats that fall (as they insist on calling it) might bring.
So imagine my delight when I arrived at our local supermarket to pick up some groceries and found these outside…
pumpkin 1

(Don’t ask me why Adam looks so unimpressed, maybe it was a little soon after nap time.)

Pumpkins, pumpkins and squashes in every size and shape.

2009-09-16_000035pumpkin 2

Even little mini ones…

pumpkin minipumpkin adam

I have my pumpkin carving kit ready and cannot WAIT for halloween. I’m also looking up recipes for pumpkin pie.

Watch this space…

Scooting along No comments yet

Adam has not yet met a wheeled machine that he can’t tame (tamed my new car by turning on the lights and letting the battery run flat – on the day that I got it) – and has now fallen deeply in love with his motorbike.

This video shows him cruising around in a very relaxed mood. Normally he’s ALOT faster, and also dangerous, so we just keep out of his way….

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