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Mommy’s little helper 1 comment

I think the sentiment is there – now if I can just channel the energy into putting the right things into the right place (not the tumble dryer, not the dustbin, not the laundry basket…)

And of course eating food off the plate would help. (The little scab on the tip of his nose is from when monkey took a tumble.)

Adam’s art No comments yet

As Anita wrote earlier the local neighbourhood crew organised a kids carnival in the park across the road from our house on the 4th of July. One of the attractions among the baloon animals, face painting, sack races and teepee was a painting easel and paints with a sign that read ‘Paint a patriotic picture!’. Adam set about eating the paint and then applying some of it to the paper. I’m not sure whether his intention was patriotic, but Anita and I both agreed that it was the best painting there – by a mile!.

Adam Paints

Adam Paints

It has taken me some time to do it, but here is the fruit of Adam’s labour. For the grandparents I’ve also uploaded a high resolution version that is good for printing and putting up on the fridge. For the high res version, click here.

So beautiful

So beautiful

Anita says it is a family portrait with her on the left in a poofy blue skirt. I think it’s a consideration of time’s passing with an emphasis on spaces around us – or maybe he just couldn’t reach the upper part of the paper.

What do you think it is?

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