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Last weekend saw the end of the annual South by South-West (SXSW) music festival. Some 2 000 bands rolled into town, along with I don’t know how many thousands of music fans. The festival is different to what I imagined, in that it is spread out over the city, with unknown, semi-known and probably some wish-you-hadn’t-known bands playing back to back in clubs, bars, coffee shops and pretty much anywhere you can plug in an amplifier.

Werner came home from work a little early on Friday and we went down to 6th street, the heart of it all, to check it out. The real madness starts at night. I was happy to give that a skip, although Werner went down to town on his bike to check out some good and some truly horrible bands. You sisn’t have to go into a place to hear a band play – you could pretty much just walk by, or just check out the people playing in the street. Apparently there are many bands that scrape together money to come down to SXSW in the hope of being discovered, and you do see lots of people schlepping their gear around, working really hard to drum up some interest.

And in case anyone forgot where they were…

On Saturday we headed down to a bigger concert at Auditorium Shores at Town Lake. It was supposed to be a ‘family friendly’ event so we thought it might be a little easier on the ears for little Adam.

I do have to hand it to the yanks. They certainly do make sure that families are catered for no matter what the occasion. This turned out to be a huge concert pretty much aimed at kids – in the sense that it sounds like country music, or blues, but the lyrics deal with those classic blues themes like waiting for your parents after school and feeling down because you don’t know where they are…

It was fun though, and Adam got to engage in two of his favourite activities: checking out people and eating dirt…

Boy vs. Cake. A photo essay 5 comments

I’m not even going to write anything. Clearly, it was a great day.

It’s 8pm. I am EXHAUSTED. And I’m going to bed :)

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